It’s a board park pro-comp on acid!

We’re proud to present everybody’s favourite ‘bombing pro-rider comp... Ride & Seek! It’s the no holds barred, brilliant board-fest section of the festival that gives a platform to the some of Europe’s most piste mad (and party mad) Snowboarders. Heading up to the Board Park to catch the Riding is a must for all Snowbombers, and the vibes on the park simply can’t be beat. On the mountain this year we have the likes of Kevin Trammer, Simon Houlind, Rowan Coultas, Chris Kröll, Tom Tramnitz, Alex Walch, Mario Wanger, Werni Stock Daniel Mösl, Loui Purucker and the UK's very own Jamie Trinder

Wednesday: The Boarder Cross!

It’s a snowboard pro-comp, with a Snowbombing slant! Three days of true grit and piste side banter, washed down with an ample amount of alpine sunshine, perfect powder and meticulous music! The winner limps (erm… walks) off with €2000 to spend on whatever they want. For the last two consecutive years this has all gone straight on jagerbombs at the Forest Party, so make sure you buddy up with the winner….

Thursday: The Pro Comp Battle!

A gravity-abusing play area comprising of more kickers than a Pub football team, genital-threatening rails and table tops of epic proportions. Watch from the of the nearby Grillhofalm, sit back in the sun or enjoy one of Christina’s perfect pizza’s on the Terrace, as people invariably younger and decidedly more talented than you, show how it’s done to a spectacular soundtrack provided by the biggest SB hitters… 

Friday: The Water Splash Finale!

Promising to be wetter then end of a Hugh Grant romcom but with far more doe eyed females, the Water Splash is our anarchic end of week bash that promises to provide a wet 'n' wild conclusion to our Ride and Seek antics. Get a good space poolside and gawp in admiration at the brave souls that take on the icy challenge. Bring a sense of humour... And maybe a towel!