A handful of awesome reasons why you simply have to stay another day (at least) at SB18!

A jaw-dropping selection of the world's biggest and best live acts and DJs... Forest parties, igloo parties, an underground tennis club turned super club, Austria's biggest fancy dress street party... The list goes on. Oh, and did we mention all the skiing and boarding?! It's easy to get a little overwhelmed with everything that's on across Snowbombing week. Here are 5 reasons as to why staying for the full 8 night duration provides the ultimate ‘bombing experience, and means you can really wring the most out of Europe's greatest festival on snow. Learning to ski or board, having the slopes to yourself, kicking off the incredible week of partying with our über special Sunday shows... Have a read below and realise that slaloming your way to a six, seven or eight night stay is the really the only way!

1. We kick off on Sunday 8th with some SB superstar selectors! 

Although the official festival programme, including the grand opening of The Racket Club, starts on the Monday 9th, we will actually be kicking off proceedings with a couple of weighty warm-up parties on the eve of Sunday 8th. Mayrhofen’s local ravers always come out in full force for this opening night, adding an extra oomph to the atmosphere and providing a warm, Tyrolian welcome for our arriving festival contingent.

First up it's the SB Road Trip Arrival Procession - everyone head to the 'Hof High Street, where big beats are blasted as we welcome in the triumphant Road Trip revellers from their mission across Europe (last year blessed by the mighty MCing of Mistajam). Expect wacky fancy dress, crazily crafted cars and a celebratory steins.

At the other end of town, Sunday will see the opening of the ludicrous Fun Haus - the perfect place to put stop for a cheeky jaeger bomb, singalong and game of ping pong once you've checked in!

As night draws in, we will be opening up awesome club venues Arena and Bruck'n Stadl, for a couple of lively late night launch parties, featuring some very special SB selectors to see you through!

2. Miss the crowds!

Our incredible Customer Service team, found in their home the Europahaus, endeavour to ensure that no ‘bombers are waiting long for their welcome packs and info, but arriving early on Saturday or Sunday means you get to waltz straight to the front desk and grab your wristbands without any fuss - plenty more time to explore the’ hof, slide around the slopes or even hit the sauna! Additionally, extending your stay for an extra night at the end of the week means you will catch another day on the piste, the perfect way to escape the weary crowds as they depart the village en route to the airport. Which leads us onto…

3. Get your piste performance to perfection before the hordes arrive!

With 650km of piste and countless runs, Mayrhofen is always a diamond ski experience even in peak season. However, arriving one or two days before Snowbombing kicks off properly, or adding a day onto the end of your trip, ensures you’ll get a piste free of beginners on their bum, or brilliant boarders bombing it past you while you learn. You can explore the Snowbombing Snowpark, rattle around Red 10 and even have a cautious peer over the top of the infamous Harikiri slope - the black run with a 71% incline. Have a few go’s before the troops turn up, and by the time the festival begins you’ll be careering around like Eddie the Eagle… Seriously, this is the best possible time to get your bearings before Snowbombing begins!

4. Stay for Saturday evening and ease off the week in style! 

There’s nothing worse than getting up at 4am (or most likely powering through the night) to jump on your coach back and seeing Mayrhofen still alive and kicking with revellers seeing out the last night in style. With clubs going through until 6am, and with some of the biggest DJs across the week scheduled for the Friday, spirits are high once the Forest Stage closes, with many regarding this grand finale as the best night of the week. There will also be an Arctic Disco on the final Saturday night (14th) - if you extend your stay early, there will be a good chance you'll be lucky enough to bag a ticket to this!

5. Because what better place could you be on your weekend?! 

C'mon, there's two options... Spend your weekend sat on the sofa, excitedly twiddling your thumbs in your shiny new ski gloves, impatiently waiting for Monday to come so you can make your trip to the mountains OR get your plans together and book that extra day or two, and really make the most of your trip to the world's greatest festival on snow!